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Meet The enduraLAB Council: Patton Gleason

“I don’t think you’ll ever run again son. You might want to get a bike or get used to an eliptical machine”. After a long race my wife and I had stepped out for an easy recovery run and I took one step off the porch, no different that I had thousands of times before. My IT band was in shreds and running elicited a very intense pain. This went on for weeks, that turned into months that turned into well over a year. I went to see expert after expert. I thought surely some one else could fix this. I was 25 years old and as fit as I had ever been in my life. I had just been given a running death sentence by a well intentioned doctor. No one had a solution they could sell me, so in one had a solution.  

Perhaps more than the injury, the most frustrating thing about this whole experience was that no one could tell me why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. I was semi-confident my injury would heal. I was far less confident that I could prevent it from happening if I wanted to run and train at a high level.

That series of events changed my life forever. The quest to take complete control and inventory of my own running experience, has fueled a passion to share the skills, techniques and philosophies that have been so profound for me with athletes all over the world.

Running is a skill based activity. My expertise is in teaching efficient natural running form. I have taught hundreds of athletes ranging from the most elite, the very freshest and to those who have taken extended running sabbaticals. Running is instinctual and when we break running down to it’s simplest elements it is far easier to connect with that feeling.

For most athletes running technique is the area where the biggest gains in running economy, performance and experience can be had. When we embrace running as a skill, the mindset becomes one where we can learn, practice and perfect that skill. The genius part about it is that your body is designed to be efficient, perform at a high level and to be injury free. The optimal epiphany producing running experience is not exclusive to any one. There may be some who don’t want to run, but I would make the case there is no one who can’t run.

I hold certifications in Natural Running, Crossfit Endurance and as a Running Specialist from the Running Center of Canada. I am also the founder of the Flow Running teaching method and Both projects are heavy on technique and creating environments that promote the things your body is designed to do.

I am extremely honored to be a part of the enduraLAB council. The team of coaches and experts are some of the very best in the country and I predict big things for this tribe.


Patton Gleason


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- Post by Patton Gleason
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